First year of success for the project

The first implementation year was succesfull. During 2009 the conference «New approaches for the restoration of Black pine forests» was held in Sparti, on 15-16 October 2009 with success. The assessment of impacts to the habitat type "Mediterranean pine forests with endemic Black pines" on Mount Parnonas (GR2520006) and Version 1 of the “Guidelines for the application of a structured approach to restore Black pine habitats” were published. The “Proposal to restore the Black pine forests that have been affected by fires on Mount Parnonas (GR2520006)” was delivered to the Forest Service of Sparti in order to proceed with its implementation. Also during this year the monitoring system was established and the first data were collected. Web site was also created, along with the leaflet of the project and signposting. More information in actions...

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